Marketing the Amerks as a breeding ground?

With what seems to be very little marketing done for the team outside of advertisements in the DandC, Insider, and City News, the Rochester Americans have released some ad’s featuring Thomas Vanek, Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller.

This is sure to be something that will “irk” a number of loyal fans.  While it’s true that older players who’ve been around bring a great deal of leadership to a team, hockey as we know it today is led by the young, and the young care about one thing – getting into the NHL.

So it’s to no great suprise that the Amerks are going to start taking the approach of using that to there advantage to fill seats at home games.

If there isn’t a ‘veteran’ who’s been in town for years that people can identify with, it would be smart to let fans know that the players they see today may be the future stars of tomorrow.

I can imagine a lot more kids will want to have there parents take them to games knowing they’re not only going to see a great game of hockey, but also players that they won’t be able to see by traveling to an NHL game in Buffalo.

Get this plan going Amerks, we’d love to see a full arena rather than a half empty one – all it takes is one great game to create a fan for life!!