Golisano Doubts The 29-year Marriage Can Be Saved

“I think it may be too late,” Golisano said on Tuesday afternoon, following his speech to the Rochester branch of the American Marketing Association at the Riverside Convention Center.

A lot can be said regarding the relationship the Rochester Americans and Buffalo Sabres have had in recent years, but we also wonder a lot about what is going on with the current financial situation of the Rochester Americans.

The Buffalo Sabres have shown interest in buying the Amerks and then signing a contract with the city of Rochester to manage Blue Cross Arena, yet Steve Donner has not shown interest in selling the team.  Steve Donner has reported though that he has two potential investors that are interested in purchasing a stake in the Amerks.

A number of questions have been raised that we are yet to have any answers for.

If the Sabres doubt the 29-year marriage between the two teams can be saved, who would the Sabres obtain an affiliation with?

The Florida Panthers have reportedly been looking into establishing an affiliation elsewhere, but with the Sabres out of the picture would the Panthers remain solely with the Amerks?

If neither the Sabres nor Panthers are interested in staying with current, or new local management, where does that leave the Amerks?

With new investment and management in the Amerks (other than Golisano), would the city still be willing to negotiate a favorable lease agreement?

Will the city negotiate without a committment from an NHL affiliate?

Is all of this just a lot of politics with the end result being Golisano creating enough public opinion amongst “casual” fans that the Amerks NEED to be sold to the Sabres?

“At this moment, the Rochester Americans have not been offered to us,” Golisano said. “It takes two to tango.”

Only time will tell on all of this, hopefully sooner than later so we don’t near the end of the season in limbo.  Stay tuned, still a lot more to come!