Amerks in need of an Enforcer, MacIntyre wins job with Oilers

The Edmonton Sun has reported that Steve MacIntyre has won a job with the Edmonton Oilers.  MacIntyre was originally signed on July 10th by the Florida and introduced as our “policeman.”  He was going to be our heavyweight that would prevent the Amerks from getting pushed around all season.  Many fans had said he would make the games worth going to again.  Unfortunately on his way to Rochester from Panthers training camp he had to be put on waivers and was picked up by the Edmonton Oilers.

Ryan-James Hand was the next logical choice, but he was released on Sunday morning.  At that time we’ve been told everyone was waiting to see what the outcome would be with MacIntyre and the Oilers.

MacIntyre was one of the first players signed by the Panthers over the summer.  During the typical slow summer months that got a number of people excited as it showed the Panthers were ready to make improvements.  To go along with that, once it was announced that the Amerks and Crunch would be playing against each other to start the season the excitement grew even more anticipating a Mirasty vs MacIntyre battle.

Approximately three days and seven hours until the puck drops on opening night, all we can do is hope that a much promised “enforcer” will be signed.  I’m confident that we have an improved team over last season, but the reason many fans are making a stink over this is because we’ve been told for three months now we would have some muscle, now we don’t.

Here’s hoping the Florida Panthers or Rochester Americans will find someone to sign, or the muscle we do have will step up and not let anyone get pushed around like last season.