Help! I Need Somebody…Not Just Anybody…

During last night’s game, a familiar Beatles’ tune was played after one of the Moose’ goals.  As “Help!” was playing I was laughing a little to myself, thinking about how badly we really need some help.  And no, it can’t just be from anybody…we need huge changes.

This topic has already been discussed a million times this season (and in the pre-season when the lineup was first looked at).  Any fan of hockey could tell that the team we were being handed wasn’t going to go very far.  But, we all hoped for the best.  We all thought we must be getting some veterans to spice up our lineup and teach our team, that is basically made out of rookies, how to play professional hockey.

But, no.  Here we are, more than a month into the season, and we have only won two games.  So, what do the Panthers do to help us?  Send Tyler Plante to the ECHL and call up David Shantz.  That is the answer we have all been looking for!  Who needs vets when you can trade a goalie for another goalie of the same caliber?

And the next big move by the Panthers and Amerks?  Send Doug O’Brien down to the Florida Everblades (ECHL).  So, now we are just cutting players who are “veterans” (kind of) right out of the roster so our brilliant team of children can just go on fighting on their own.

Jack Birch has been in Rochester for more than a week and this is what he came up with to improve our team.  Good one.  Where is Ashton Kutcher to tell all the Amerks’ fans that they have been punk’d?

At this point the whole situation is more than ridiculous.  Even the most loyal fans are skipping games to stay home and watch anything other than their beloved Amerks fall to yet another opponent.  The players must be depressed, the fans certainly are.  And I can’t even begin to imagine how new owner, Curt Styres is feeling.

Curt sits only a few rows up from me at the games.  He watches with the rest of the fans.  He hears what all the fans say while their team gets creamed.  And it isn’t his fault.  He has been working everything he can to improve this team.  The major giveaways, fixing the offices to make it actually look like a real organization works there, the improvements to the arena…all these things and he still isn’t given the common courtesy from the Panthers to have a team that can compete at the AHL level.

And what are the Panthers’ prospects getting out of this?  They are only learning how to lose.  They aren’t getting any better.  And they won’t if this continues.

I hope that something changes soon before the Amerks’ go into a hole they can’t get out of.

There are still players out there who aren’t signed.  Get some.  Now.  Good players.  Trade for them.  Do something.  We can’t go on like this.

On this Veterans’ Day, I beg of the Panthers’ or Amerks’ head honchos to please please help us.  I am on my knees here.  Pleading with you.  This is Rochester!  One of the most respected hockey teams of all time.  There is so much history here and it is all going to hell in a handbasket because no one is doing anything to help this team.