Amerks Still Searching For First Road Win…Don't Get The Win But, Take a Point

Sorry for the lack of reports on the Amerks’ games this week.  The family was on vacation up in Toronto and with the holidays, it has been hard to get thing going.  We will have a full week report after tonight’s game.

The Amerks are currently playing the Toronto Marlies where they are fighting for their first road win.  I am watching the game on AHL Live.  Toronto has a very good feed.  I would recommend if you want to watch an away game on the site, a Toronto one would be the way to go.

The first period is almost over.  3:11 to go.  The score is 1-1.  Jason Garrison scored a nice one on the powerplay a few minutes ago.  I just tuned in (I forgot the game was early tonight) so I didn’t get to see the Marlies’ goal.

David Shantz is in goal for the Amerks.  He has been playing pretty solid this year.  Both in the ECHL with the Dayton Bombers and in Rochester although the loses don’t show that.  He really has improved by a lot after last season.

Amerks score on the powerplay again!  17:31 of the first.  2 for 3 on the powerplay.  Great shot by Ellerby, tipped in by Repik.  Repik is a great great player.  He really shines.  Ellerby is on a three game point streak.

Amerks going short handed now.  Repik going to the box for tripping.  That is a goal, an assist and a penalty for him.  Maybe he can get in a fight and make it an all around game for himself.

That’s the end of the first period.  A great one for the Amerks.  They are really fighting hard.  They have done a lot of traveling this weekend too.


The second period is starting now.  There is still about 30 seconds left in the penalty to Repik.  Penalty over.  Repik comes out of the box, immediately grabs the puck and makes a good run up with his line.  The puck is lost anf he is back to the other side of the ice before anyone even knows he is gone. 

Peter Aston is in the game tonight…Fitzpatrick isn’t.

They just showed a crowd shot.  There are about five people there.  So, it’s nice to know that even when we are in the basement we draw more people than a lot of other teams in the league.

The Amerks have been in control of the first five minutes of this period.  Shantz just came way out to cover the puck.

The Marlies scored.  Bad bounce for the Amerks, the puck hit Stewart’s skate and trinkled past the left post.  That’s really too bad.  The Amerks are playing great and a horrible bad luck bounce like that ties the game at two.

AMERKS SCORE AGAIN!  Sprukts steals the puck at the point, and takes it to the net.  What a great steal and a great shot.  That’s his third of the season.  Amerks back up 3-2.

The Amerks have really controlled this whole period except for the last two minutes of the period.  Ellerby blocked a shot and dropped to the ice.  he was hobbling on the ice for a minute but is back to full speed again.

Kronwall took a nice cheep shot by punching Meyer in the face after the buzzer.  No call though.  That’s the end of the second period.


Beginning of the third period.  Amerks and Marlies are both at full strength.  the Amerks are up in shots 19-13.

The Marlies have been keeping controling of the puck for the first 5 minutes of the period.  But, there is now a High Sticking call against the Marlies.  They are having a hard time with this powerplay.  They are looking pretty tired right now.

They need to pull out some energy.  I know they having been traveling constantly this weekend, but they need need need to make it through the next 13 minutes of this game.

Emmerson is now heading to the penalty box for interference?  4-on-4 for 9 seconds, then the Marlies are on the PP.  Not good boys.

Shantz just saved the PP (it isn’t over yet…but, it could have been just now).  There was a big blast from the point, Shantz made a big shoulder save, the rebound was then shot point blank…Shantz grabbed it.

Tlusty is on his way to the box now for interference.  1 second left in Emmerson’s penalty.  Come on boys.

Another big save by Shantz.  Boyes had a good breakaway, but Shantz said no to him.  The penalty is done.  Nothing came of it.  9 minutes left in the game.

I rarely see Brine lose a faceoff.  I’m glad he and Dan Collins are finding a good connection with each other.

Wow…Shantz just made about 17 saves in a row…with no stick.  Good work by the defensemen in front of the net during that mayhem.

Toronto stormed the Amerks’ net one time too many.  Foster scored for the Marlies…that ties the game up 3-3 with only 6 minutes left in the game.

The Amerks need a quick goal right now.  They have been outshot in this period by a margin of 12-1.

Jason Garrison just took a penalty.  On AHL Live you can hear the announcers during commercial breaks.  Don Stevens just said “I guess we won’t have to worry about overtime.”  that’s really nice Don.  Like we need any more negativity.

Well, they made it through the penalty kill.  There is 1 minute left in the game.  Please please, I am begging you, hold on for at least one point.

38 seconds left in the game…we take a penalty.  For the love of God Gelech…

Thank you Jiri Tlusty!  He took a penalty at 19:56 to end regulation tied.  The Amerks now have at least one point tonight.


This one’s going to oooovvvvvveeeeerrrrttttiiimmmeee.

Both the Amerks and the Marlies are a man down.  42 seconds left in Rochesters, penalty.  3-on-3 play.  Three on three is really funny to watch to me.  That was just a random note for you readers.

Our guys just look so tired right now.  They are completely beat from this week.  But, they made it through the 5 minute overtime.  They will now try out the shootout for another point.


Here we go with the shootout.


1. Repik – Scores
2. Sprukts – Miss
3. Gelech – Scores
4. Meyer – Miss
5. McArdle – Miss
6. Repik – Miss
7. Sprukts -  Scores
8. Gelech – Miss


1. Stapleton – Miss
2. Tlusty – Miss
3. Williams – Scores
4. Ondrus – Scores
5. Aubin – Miss
6. Stapleton – Miss
7. Williams – Scores
8. Tlusty – Scores

Marlies take the win.  But, get their first point on the road.  A fairly good weekend for the Amerks.