Amerks Split Weekend In Grand Rapids

The Amerks played two games this weekend against the hot and high scoring Grand Rapids Griffins.  The team won in a shootout on Friday night, and lost tonight 8-4.

Tonight’s issues weren’t scoring goals, but stopping them.  After the first period, the score was 1-1.  But, when the second period started, Mike Brodeur did not get back into the crease.  Once Chris Beckford-Tseu went into the net, he let in 7 goals in 31 shots.

Mike Brodeur suffered a groin injury and left the game after the first period.

It was thought we would have no scoring this weekend with most of our “big” scorers either hurt or M.I.A.  With Janis Sprukts playing for his country (as he should be), and injuries to Meyer (knee), McArdle (shoulder), and MicFlikier (foot), most of our scoring was down the drain.

But, when some are down, others rise to the occassion.  Tonight, the usually laughable Drew Larman picked up a goal to tie the game 2-2.  That was the Amerks’ second of three comebacks during the game.

New left wing, Ross Carlson had the third goal for the Amerks, once again tying tonight’s game 3-3.  Ross was also the only player to score in the shootout last night, giving the Amerks the win.  He has been very highly thought of for a while in Florida where he played with the Everblades, and Rochester fans are immediately seeing why.

I digress…The Amerks worked extremely hard in front of Beckford-Tseu tonight to keep themselves in the game, but Chris just couldn’t do anything to keep the puck out of the net.  He allowed seven goals in two periods.  Seven.  I thought it was a joke when I refreshed the AHL page only to see that what once was a close game was then over in a horrible way.

At the beginning of the season, people thought that maybe if the team in front of Beckford-Tseu played harder, he would play better.  The team played extremely hard tonight, scoring four goals, which should be more than enough to win a game.  But, no…not if you are the Amerks.

One player I do want to say I have been enjoying watching as of late is David Brine.  He rarely loses a face-off.  He is solid on both ends of the ice and he has been scoring goals when the team needs them the most.  Last night, Brine scored in the 3rd period Friday night to tie up the game which isn’t the first time this season he has done that.

Also, having a coach who will get upset when something isn’t right is such a great sight.  Benoit gave the ref in last night’s game more than an earful when he waved off Karl Stewart’s goal in the Shootout.  He made the official so upset he was given a game misconduct for abuse of officials.

On Wednesday, the Rockford Icehogs will be rolling into town coming from two great wins against teams in our division.  The Hogs beat the Toronto Marlies 6-3 tonight, and the Manitoba Moose 4-1 on Friday night.  The game starts at 7:05 p.m.