Riley Emmerson vs Sean McMorrow Fight Video

As expected, Riley Emmerson and former Amerk Sean McMorrow dropped the gloves the second the puck hit the ice on Wednesday night.  This is Emmersons first year in the American Hockey League and he continues to square off against any of the known “heavyweights” he plays against.  Many had questions about Emmerson, but he continues to stand up against others and he can also play hockey.  On the flip side, the opposition he fought against earlier in the game sits and keeps the bench warm.

Another great quality of Emmerson is that he very rarely takes any undisciplined penalties.  It’s hard to imagine that with all of the fights he has been in, he still has fewer penalty minutes than Jordan Henry.

Apologies about the poor quality of the video, YouTube does not seem to be recognizing that it’s a higher quality and providing that option.