Recognition Experts Vacating Amerks/Knighthawks Team Store

The Rochester Americans and Rochester Knighthawks will have a new supplier of team merchandise for the 2009/2010 season.  The current supplier of gear, Recognition Experts, will not be returning.  Currently all merchandise in the store and online is 30% off, so if there’s anything you’ve been looking for now is a good chance to save a few bucks.

While this is far from breaking news of any sort, it’s some sort of news that probably won’t even make the radar of most local media outlets.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of changes are made.  I’ve always enjoyed the quality of materials used for merchandise that has been sold, the design and what’s actually offered has left something to be desired..

It seems rare to ever see anyone outside of an Amerks game wearing any sort of Amerks gear, which is more likely due to the team having been in last place in recent years and not a lack of Amerks paraphanalia.

The only product I’ve thought they should have sold was Amerks player tshirts, similar to that of Knighthawk players.  It’s easier for people to buy a tshirt with a players name on it than a jersey.  Part of the problem with that though has been the lack of a real “face of the team” for the Amerks.  But, how much can it really cost to screen print a handful of shirts and see if they sell?

Neither Recognition Experts or anyone from the Amerks/Knighthawks returned any comment (as of writing this).