Saturday Night Fight Videos with Roy and Matthias

The game on Saturday night between the Amerks and Heat was hard hitting and filled with a lot of punches, pushing and shoving.  Tyler Plante set the tone early keeping his crease safe and clearing it out when the Heat got too close.

Mathieu Roy got into the first fight of the night against Matt Pelech at 4:14 of the first period.  Just prior to the fight, as you’ll see in the video, Pelech gave Shawn Matthias a big hit at the blue line.  Right after the hit Roy challenged Pelech and this is the outcome.

There were a lot of other scraps in the game but the only other complete fight was between Shawn Matthias and Carter Bancks.  We’ve seen Matthias score goals and throw some decent hits but a fight was completely unexpected.

I asked Matthias about the fight after the game and Matthias said, “He really wanted to fight. I’ve never been asked to fight before so I kind of jumped on the opportunity and had fun with it.”

I then asked him about having a fight card at and he laughed and said, “I don’t know if my mom will like it if I do that too often, it was fun and hopefully the team fed off of it and showed them (the Heat) that we’re not scared of them.”

Watch until the end to see a nice love tap by Keaton Ellerby as Matthias leaves the ice, a sign of true friendship.

Unfortunately I did not get any good video of the interactions between Steve MacIntyre and what looked like the entire Abbotsford Heat bench with just over a minute left to go in the game.