Getting Through a Game 7 and Two Updates

Every hardcore hockey fan in Rochester right now probably has the game on their mind tonight.  There’s a great article linked below that describes the feelings leading up to a game 7, even if it’s only the first round.

Two updates from Kevin Oklobzija at Hockey O-Zone, Rory Fitzpatrick is playing and Kevin says he was told that Graham Mink is not playing.  No real known reason why.  Is he hurt?  Family issues?  Benoit Groulx playing tricks on the Heat?  We’ll have to wait until warmups or even later to find out.

Check out this great article from Paul Kukla on about Getting Through a Game 7, here’s an excerpt:

You may be at work or in school right now, but no way are you really at work or at school. Physically your body is there; mentally, you may be thinking how the first 10 minutes of the game will play out. You may be wondering if your team ever will score a key goal or make that one stop that will decide the game. Whatever it is you are doing, chances are they are not work- or school-related, but I understand. How can you think of anything else but Game 7?

Read the rest, it’s pretty good..  See you at the rink!

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