Audio from 2010 Amerks Locker Cleanout, Vets, Nolan and Staats

The Amerks season is over and a few of the players spoke after their exit meetings and they cleaned out their lockers.  Uploading audio is a new feature and this one took me a little while longer as I’m uploading them to YouTube.  This way the audio is easier for people to share outside of this site.

Jamie Johnson was the most outspoken player because he does not plan to come back here next season.  Some people have criticized him for his words but if others were leaving they probably would have shared the same thoughts.  Everything said are valid points about the way he felt he was treated.  Johnson was the team leader in points with 27 goals and 44 assists.  He was also one of only two players that played in all 80 games.  Sure he had a rough stretch but so did everyone else, in the end he was there every day working hard.

Lewis Staats and Ted Nolan talked about hearing the fans loud and clear and said that it’s something that will be brought up during meetings.  The decisions are all made by the Florida Panthers but in meetings everything is brought up and thoughts are shared.

The Amerks ownership is dedicated to winning and they also want more fans (a  no brainer).  Everyone is still a little sour at the way the season ended but we can all be guaranteed that they’ll build another team next season that is supposed to win.

The affiliation agreement between the Amerks and Florida Panthers has one more season.  The original agreement says that they have to either have a new deal by November or it will have to wait until the end of the season.  I think moves and changes over the summer by the Panthers will determine whether the Amerks really want to pursue a renewal or test the waters to see what else is out there.

Jamie Johnson – Talks about the wasted season, coming back to Rochester, the Florida Panthers, the head coach, lineup changes, Amerks ownership and the crowd.  Two different interviews, basically says the same things.  I had talked to him first and then he talked again when Kevin O and YNN were there.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Mike York – talks about the season, coming back, and player changes during the playoffs.

Graham Mink – “To sit and watch game 7 was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my career.”  He did say it wasn’t the hardest thing in life, but in his hockey career.

Jeff Taffe – “I think they (younger guys) got a harsh dose of reality there in the playoffs.”

Ted Nolan – “When they voice their concerns like that we have to listen,” talking about hearing the fans chanting.  “I’m kind of baffled myself right now,” when asked what he thought happened.  When asked if he was coming back he said, “I’m banking on coming back.”  Also talks about the season, hearing the fans and more.

Lewis Staats – Mentions talks with Randy Sexton, hearing the fans loud and clear, attendance numbers, 5500 as the goal of fans per night, desire of Styres to win Calder Cup, and the affiliation.

Chris Taylor had to visit the dentist and was not there, thanks to Michal Repik wacking his face trying to get at a puck.  Rory Fitzpatrick was not present either, he told the team the night before he wasn’t coming in.