Panthers Extend Offers to Five Players

The Florida Panthers made qualifying offers to five players this weekend and told five others that they would not be coming back.  No real surprises with any of those moves.

Kenndal McArdle, Jason Garrison, Mike Duco, Jordan Henry and Tyler Plante were all extended offers.

Andrew Sweetland, Luke Beaverson, Peter Aston, Dan Collins and Nick Tarnasky were all advised to hit the free agency market on July 1st.

Tarnasky is a player that will stand up for his team but offers little in terms of offensive capabilities.  Assuming Kenndal McArdle can stay healthy he could easily step up to fit the same role and have the ability to score.

Dale Tallon told the media at the NHL draft that he wants to try and get Jason Garrison locked up into a long term contract.  Garrison is likely a full time NHL player for the rest of his career at this point.

2 thoughts on “Panthers Extend Offers to Five Players”
  1. Why drop Sweetland??? He was frequently the best player on the ice for the Amerks. Just ask Benoit Groulx! HAHAHA. Your right, no real surprises. Maybe this will open the door for a few prospects that will be willing to play harder. Beaverson was hit or miss but he really had no shot at the NHL so I can understand that move. The rest make total sense.

  2. As soon as I saw Sweetlands name that was the first thing I thought of. One of the most bizarre moments of the season!

    I thought Beaverson was going to do much more especially after he got into a fight in his first AHL game but never worked out.

    Dan Collins.. I don’t even think anything needs to be said with him.

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