Entering the 4th Season of LetsGoAmerks, A Few Small Changes

September is here and that means it’s the month that the hockey season officially starts.  Players start arriving in cities for training camps and preseason games will be played.  It also means this will be the fourth season that I’ve written about the Rochester Americans hockey team.

There is a lot of news I missed over the past two months but if you’re a die hard hockey fan you read about it already on the Amerks site or over at the Democrat and Chronicle.  There really wasn’t another perspective that I could have been provided on much so I enjoyed the summer the best that I could.

Unfortunately with a new hockey season comes a new work schedule for me at my job that pays the bills.  It just so happens that new schedules come out at the start of the regular season and then again at the start of the playoffs.

The few changes…

One change is that I’m not going to be able to go to most Monday through Friday games due to my new schedule.  Thanks to the Amerks though all of the home games are all televised so I won’t miss seeing any.  For most of those games I’ll either be a “couch blogger” and write a few things about what I see on the TV or simply link to Kevin O’s write ups.

Even though I’ll miss weekday games I’ll be able to check out just about every morning practice.  Where I’ll be lacking in post game write ups and interviews I hope to make up with in info from practices and player profiles of some sort.

The last change is that I plan to start following a similar format to Kuklas Korner.  If you’re familiar with that site you’ll be familiar with the style of providing a link, quote and commentary on an article.  There’s a lot of information out there on not only the Amerks but players in Florida and league news that is worth sharing.  The die hards may have already read the news from other places but for the most part not everyone surfs as much as some of us.

Thanks for the support everyone, looking forward to training camp starting later this month and definitely the Panthers vs Bruins preseason game!