Amerks 3rd Jerseys, Panthers Control, November 1st

The Amerks held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon to show off their 3rd jerseys and also announce a parternship with Jay Advertising.  It was also an opportunity to chat with Amerks President Lewis Staats about a few quick things.

The 3rd jerseys are just what I said yesterday, very simple and also original.  Don Cherry would be proud, it’s the same jersey that he wore when he played for the Amerks during his playing days.  The jerseys are already for sale in the team store and are $129.99 (or maybe it was $124.99).  It’s an additional $79 to get a name and number on the jersey.

The logo and advertising on the ice are completed and waiting for some action from the Florida Panthers at 10am on Wednesday morning.

** The Panthers have complete control of the roster, except for Chris Taylor who is under contract with the Amerks.  That’s the quick way of saying it.  It doesn’t end there though.  Jody Gage and Mike Santos do talk often and concerns are shared and ideas exchanged.  The Amerks also did their own scouting last season and shared what they found and thought with the Panthers.  What the Panthers really did with all of that could be a different story.

Looking back, the affiliation agreement states that the Panthers have complete control over the roster.  In year one of the sole affiliation we know how that went.  Last season the Amerks said they were going to go out and get players, it sort of worked but money became an issue.  This season the Amerks told the Panthers that they were going back to the original agreement.  This is why we saw salaries dumped and players traded away.

Also, everyone invited to the Amerks training camp has been invited by the Florida Panthers.  In past years the Amerks also had a few invites to get a look at some guys or give players someone may have known personally an opportunity.  That’s not the case this season.  When the Panthers fly into Rochester later tonight it will be a one way trip for a lot of players.  Their game tonight against Carolina and on Thursday against Boston will be the determining factor in who gets left behind and who continues to get a look.

What does this all mean?  We’ll see what Dale Tallon and Mike Santos can do.  They certainly can’t do any worst than Jacques Martin and Jack Birch did for the 2008-2009 season.

** November 1st is the official date where both sides will determine whether or not talks will continue about the affiliation extending.  Both sides could agree that there’s a chance and they’ll continue talking and move forward.  There’s also a chance one side will say no it’s over and that’s it.  Play the season and once it’s over everyone goes separate ways.

** I think one thing that is yet to sink in is how much of a great coach Chuck Weber will be.  Everyone has great things to say about the guy, not only as a coach but a person as well.  He’s going to take what he’s given by the Panthers and have a hard working team.  More in the coming days.

** The Amerks also announced that the 49th and 50th members of the Amerks Hall of Fame will be part of the puck drop on Thursday and officially inducted at a later date.

** In partnering with Jay Advertising he said that the advertising and marketing budgets have not changed.  Instead of handling things internally they are working with Jay Advertising who will bring in the ideas and make things work a little beter.  Jay Advertising is one of the top companies in Rochester and everyone seems very excited going forward.  If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t need anymore advertising but it’ll help reach out to fans who’ve “faded away” I guess you could say.