Eric Selleck and James DeLory Square off in Training Camp

The first day of training camp usually isn’t all that exciting as players and coaches are just going through some drills, getting to know each other and getting their legs stretched.  James DeLory and Eric Selleck made it interesting though when about half way through they dropped their gloves and helmets to try and trade a few punches by the visitors bench.  As you can see in the quick video they squared off but didn’t get far before Amerks head coach Chuck Weber and assistant coach Jason Cipolla stepped in to break them up.

Chuck Weber was pretty vocal on the ice afterwards telling DeLory that he told them no fighting.  After practice Weber said that DeLory had surgery over the summer (didn’t say what kind of surgery) and didn’t want him getting into any fights.  He said that he knows guys are itching to go but he didn’t want it to happen.  Weber also commented that DeLory apologized after practice… and everyone lives happily ever after.

This will be DeLory’s third training camp with the Amerks and is likely looking to make his name known and try to move up a level in professional hockey.  I didn’t have the chance to stick around longer and talk to either player to ask why, hopefully Kevin O did and will have more.. if not I’ll find out tomorrow.

Here’s the video:

Eric Selleck in the red jersey, James DeLory in the green… there really isn’t much here, but it’s something that happened.

Enjoy, more stuff later!

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