Bulldogs Send Amerks Towards Rock Bottom

I had hoped as I started writing again the Amerks would turn a corner towards the better but it looks like the opposite has happened, they’ve turned a corner towards rock bottom.

In the third period of Tuesday nights 7-0 loss to the first place Hamilton Bulldogs the Amerks had ZERO nine shots on net. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. They also had two power play opportunities and still had no shots failed to score. Updated: The original score sheet had zero shots but has since been updated to say nine.

The Bulldogs had seven different players score goals and ten players tally assists.

Ugly loss and besides Mark Cullen coming back next month we shouldn’t expect any other improvements.

I wish I could say something positive. The team is scheduled to practice at 10am Wednesday morning, I can’t imagine it’ll be pretty.