Eric’s review of past 30 seasons

Below you’ll find a quick review of the past 30 seasons by new editor and die hard Amerks fan Eric Bourgeois.. click read more to view the stats.  Here’s his run down in a few words about how each season has played out and the outcome.  Stuff you likely won’t see anywhere else that we’ll continue providing!

Season Record Summary
79-80 28-42-10 Buffalo’s first season as parent, No playoffs
80-81 30-42-8 No playoffs
81-82 40-31-9 9 playoff games including my first one
82-83 46-25-9 CUP! Powerhouse after bad start.  Offensive juggernaut.  Oh that PP!
83-84 46-32-2 Cup loss to Maine as Crow return.  First season I went to at least 20 games.
84-85 40-27-13 First round and out to Skipjacks, Buffalo bought team, Schonny called up and Boxie era begin.
85-86 34-39-7 No playoffs, ridiculous injuries, Gardner’s 60, Gage’s first season here
86-87 47-26-7 CUP! Got better and better all season. Amazing final series against Sherbrooke.
87-88 46-26-8 First round and out to Adirondack in an awesome 7 game set. Not a complete failure.
88-89 38-37-5 About as enjoyable of a non-playoff season you could ever have because they came back from an 0-10 start. Metter-Kerr-Ray line gave fans something to embrace.
89-90 43-28-9 Cup loss to Springfield.  Wayne McBean was dating my girl Allyssa Milano and scored the clincher against my team!
90-91 45-26-9 Cup loss to Springfield part II.  Officiating was suspicious.
91-92 37-31-12 Pre-final mini round loss to Adirondack. Strong playoff run.  Rick Vaive said it was the most fun he ever had.
92-93 40-33-7 Cup loss to Powerhouse McDougall and Cape Breton. Ollie the Goalie led medicore team to stunning upset of AHL’s best team ever.
93-94 31-34-15 Hated this team until Metter returned. Swept in first round by Hershey.
94-95 35-38-7 Nice to have Metter back full-time, but team wasn’t very good. First round and out to Bingo
95-96 37-34-9 CUP! Donner bought team..signed Charron, Metter, Frawley locally..urged signings of Dane Jackson and Terry Hollinger. Last place in January, amazing cup ru.
96-97 40-30-10 Metter’s best season.  Spengler Cup.  One game away from final four.  Hasn’t been another season as satisfying for me since.
97-98 30-38-12 McCutcheon and injuries ruined a good thing. First round and out to Philly. Metter and Frawls both exit.
98-99 52-21-7 Donner bought an all-star team. Lost in finals to Providence
99-00 46-22-12 Donner buys another all-star team. Got all the calls in the first two rounds. Lost to Hartford in finals as Rochester fans stooped to low of booing as Frank was skated with.
00-01 46-22-12 First round and out to Philly in Cunneyworth’s first year.  This was beginning of pretty poor stretch of hockey.
01-02: 32-30-18 Lost in qualifying round in an extremely bland season
02-03: 31-30-19 Lost in qualifying round to Milwaukee in another bland season
03-04: 37-28-15 Made franchise proud coming back from 3-1 deficit to defeat Crunch IN Syracuse in game 7 with 2k+ Amerk fans there. Lost in 3rd round.
04-05: 51-19-1 Lock-out year. Lost in second round to Moose very weakly. Attendance in playoffs was franchise bad
05-06: 37-39-4 Dual affiliation began. Missed playoffs completely
06-07: 48-30-2 Very good team with a great goalie in Anderson was one and done in the playoffs to Hamilton in 6.  Really felt this was a missed opportunity.  Bolstered on blueline by both parents.
07-08: 24-46-10 Worst season ever. Nothing else needs to be said.  A real assault on Amerk pride.
08-09: 29-43-8 Florida’s first season. 3-18 start due to CBT’s goaltending, 0-6-2 beginning of March due to injuries, doomed the rest of the effort. December  – February was actually aggressive successful hockey, though.
09-10: 44-33-3 A wasted season. The vets vs. the coach. End result a blown 3-1 lead to Abbotsford in first round.  Maybe biggest waste of season ever.  Plante starts game 1 we are in 2nd round.  Nolan replaces Groulx we have cup run.
10-11: 31-39-10 The Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda season.  Roster instability and general lack of skill players highlighted by a 1 win March made this perhaps most disappointing team ever for me.