What if Jacques Martin Stayed with the Panthers

As a sports fan we always play the “what if” game when it comes to our teams.  For people in Buffalo it’s always what if that field goal attempt wasn’t wide right or what if that goal in 1999 would’ve been called no goal.  The past few seasons of Amerks hockey have been filled with what if’s as well.

Kevin O addressed the topic of what if Jacques Martin had stayed with the Florida Panthers, would it have meant a better Amerks team?

A major philosophical difference between Florida GMs, from Staats’ point of view, was that Martin treated the Amerks like partners. “He told us (Staats and owner Curt Styres), ‘You two, here’s my number, you call me when you need something. Whatever it is, call me,’ ” Staats said. “If you mutually share and mutually agree, you’re going to support each other.”

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The 2009/2010 season can be looked at in many ways, one way is that on paper they should have advanced further than the first round.  The debate could go on for days if it was really the fault of Benoit Groulx in the way he coached or the players for not just taking care of business. No matter how you look at it though that team was the kind of team that can win games and fans in the American Hockey League.

Jacques Martin had the right idea and Randy Sexton was in agreement as well.  Dale Tallon was not. Oh well.

Until the Amerks have a new affiliate and new path forward we’re basically forced to think about these things in trying to move on. Yes, it’s like beating a dead horse sometimes but again it’s the type of things sports fans think about.