2 thoughts on “Results of #Patchgate Brought up by Amerks Fans”
  1. Keith,

    I appreciate what you are doing with your site Let’s Go Amerks. Certainly,
    the local media coverage of our team has been lacking in the past few years. Let’s Go Amerks helps fill the void.

    I am dissapointed, however, that you are not editing out the profanity of the readers remarks that are being posted! (The F-bombs which are in some of the comments are really not needed!) It takes away from the quality of the site. I hope Let’s Go Amerks will be reader friendly for all ages!

    Looking forward to a new era of Amerks hockey with the old tradition.

    Mark L

  2. I understand the concern and don’t care for the language either but there’s no reason to “censor” anyone. Up until recently discussion of articles usually happened on messages boards or on Facebook and not here, if it becomes a regular issue my thoughts could change. Thanks for stopping reading!

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