Gladiators Coach Talks About New Affiliation, Rolston Connection

Gladiators Coach John Wroblewski gave this three minute interview talking about the new affiliation with the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans.  A few of interesting bits from it.. He said that the Sabres had been in talks with the Gladiators for some time saying that with the new ownership group they’re very dedicated to putting money into development (we know that, he’s just reinforcing it).  Wroblewski also stated that himself and Amerks Coach Ron Rolston have a connection having worked together for a three years in National Development Team.  He spoke highly of Rolston saying it speaks volumes to the Sabres dedication to making sure players are on the right path.  He also talked about how it will not matter if a player is under contract with the Gladiators, Coyotes or Sabres that ice time will be based on merit.  Players who stick to the teams ideals, values and overall performance.  The benefit to saying that is often with dual affiliations there becomes battles for ice time with different teams trying to call the shots.

It’ll be interesting to see what additional players are brought into the Rochester Americans camp based on this new affiliation and who else could be signed to minor league deals.

Watch yourself: