Amerks Fans, Share Suggestions I Can Deliver to Ted Black

On Tuesday evening the Buffalo Sabres will are having a “Live Suggestion Box” hosted by Ted Black that I’ll be attending (along with others who write about the Sabres/Amerks) to continue the trend they’ve started.  Everyone who has been invited is being asked to share what our readers are suggesting, what we’ve heard or what suggestions we have.

There’s a lot of great things that have happened since Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans, one of those things is that they continually listen to the fans for suggestions like this.  They’re not only listening to suggestions but continue to make changes as they can to improve the overall experience.

So Rochester Americans fans, share with me any suggestions you’d like addressed and I’ll do my best to get it addressed.  The questions can be related to just about anything.  The arena, tickets, concessions, the front office, the merchandise, the toilet paper or whatever.. share it with me and I’ll share it with them.  If there’s something you’ve submitted to the suggestion box that you don’t think has been touched on let me know.

If you’re a Sabres fan you can also leave suggestions, I’m sure many of the others in attendance will be from Buffalo and will likely have those things covered but you can list them here as well.

I’m sure they’ve heard enough suggestions about Gaustad not going after Lucic after he hit Miller, or about Miller’s performance or about the roster spots still open for more veterans in Rochester so let me know if there’s anything else.

Here’s a few ways below you can share information with me:

Email: keith at

Twitter: @LetsGoAmerks

Facebook: /LetsGoAmerks

Or just leave a comment here!

10 thoughts on “Amerks Fans, Share Suggestions I Can Deliver to Ted Black”
  1. Please get rid the “at&t” power play at the BCA, I wince every time I hear it. If nothing else, instead of saying “at&t” have a symbol or something come up on the scoreboard.

  2. Bring in Autograph guest such as for amerks or sabres, bring in top notch vetrans not just “good character” guys.

  3. What happened to Peter and Ashley from last season? There isn’t enough entertainment in between periods. There also doesn’t seen to be as many promotional give-aways like years before.

  4. never got a reply in the suggestion box regarding the excessive loudness and frequency of the prerecorded music. Not saying it should be eliminated…just toned down…and perhaps even give us 5-10 minutes of silence between periods so we can actually converse without screaming. Is this REALLY necessary? Or are we just lemmings following the crowd of everyone else who just cant live without all the constant noise?

    And all the other stuff about getting a couple of vets in here who don
    t come with pre-programmed injuries who can actually play every game and make a difference.

  5. would love for them to NOT announce the Sabres score…hard enough not seeing it on the scoreboard, but there are some of us diehard fans who actually DVR the game & go home to watch!!!!

  6. Move the camera man from behind the net. I sit in the front row of section 116 and i know i speak for more than just myself in saying that the guy needs to go. I have had season tickets there since the early-mid 90’s and my uncle had the seat that I sit in since the 70’s and ever since the video screen has gone up, they put a camera man between my view and the net. its not just me, but most people near me as the guy does move back and forth occasionally. I know they use pretty expensive cameras that do ZOOM, so the guy doesn’t need to stand at the glass blocking peoples view. If I wanted to look at the replay on the board or watch a video. I will just stay home and watch the 8 or whatever games on tv. Hopefully, Rick

  7. Everything is noted, this has been postponed but will follow up when it happens. Keep them coming though!

  8. what happened to freeze fram when we scored a goal. that got the audience pumped. we beed veterans that can play. not look pretty in the stands. we need 3 and :4 year vets that want to play here.

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