Launching the Lets Go Amerks Forums

The time has finally come to expand this site a little bit by adding on some forums to discuss the Rochester Americans, something I’ve held out on doing since I launched this site back in 2007 for a few different reasons.  What are those reasons?  There have been other message boards and I wanted this site to become known for the news and information (which it has) and not just a message board.  So it’s time to take the next step and create some more discussion!

The forum is pretty simple, discussion related to the Rochester Americans, American Hockey League, Buffalo Sabres, National Hockey League and an “everything else” forum.  Register, login, start posting and tell a few friends!

Simply click “Forums” up at the top wherever you are on the site.  On the sidebar you’ll also see the option to login.

If you have any suggestions please share them, I’m always open to improvements.  Just like every other message board in the world please keep discussions civil and friendly.. we’re all fans of the same teams with the same goal, seeing our team successful.

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