Injury Updates but No Timeframe for Ryan, MacKenzie or Rankin

As of writing this there are three Rochester Americans players still out with injuries, Michael Ryan, Matt MacKenzie and Evan Rankin.  I guess we could also include Colin Stuart on this list even though he’s still on the Sabres roster and has not been sent back down yet.  So here’s a quick update on these guys:

Michael Ryan has only played in three games this season and there’s still no timeframe for his return.  He has been back on the ice trying to get back into shape but when I recently asked Ron Rolston if that meant he’ll be ready to play when he is in shape he said no.  The team would love to have him playing.  Ryan would love to be playing but it’s just not close to happening.  Exactly what’s wrong?  Still no idea.  Rolston hasn’t shared any information and I get the idea talking to him that they don’t know either.  Unless anything changes with Ryan, like we see him on the ice in full contact practice, this will be the last update saying there’s no update.

Matt MacKenzie was injured on December 3 on the road in a game against the Hamilton Bulldogs and is not expected back anytime soon.  The injury was first reported as a cut across the leg but it was much more than that.  MacKenzie had his leg cut wide open slicing through muscles to the point where he’ll have to go through a lot of physical therapy and basically learn how to use those muscles again.  He had been in a full leg cast recovering from the injury and it’ll probably take a deep playoff run for him to make any kind of return this season.

Colin Stuart was injured on December 18th and said to be out “about a month” with a lower body injury while playing with the Buffalo Sabres.  If the month is accurate he should be sent back down to the Amerks next week.  A player can’t be sent down from the NHL to the AHL unless he’s healthy so we’ll have to wait for him to be cleared to play.  As of last week he was not back on the ice skating yet.

Evan Rankin was hit on December 27th and has not yet returned to skating with the team.  It’s safe to say he got a nasty concussion and still out indefinitely.  Taylor Chorney of the Oklahoma City Barons was suspended for three games for the hit.

Here’s the video:

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