Amerks Look for Back to Back Wins vs Marlies; MacKenzie Up from Gwinnett

The Amerks are back at home tonight at 6:05pm against the Toronto Marlies for the second of a home and home series.  The Amerks beat the Marlies 2-1 on Saturday afternoon in Toronto, Paul Szczechura scored the game winning goal at 8:57 of the third period on the power play.  Brayden McNabb passed the puck to Szczechura at the Amerks blue line and Szczechura went straight down the ice past three Marlies to score on the breakaway.  David Leggio had 21 saves in the win.  Evan Rankin had scored the first goal for the Amerks when he was parked in front of the Marlies net and put away a rebound off a shot that Phil Varone took.

Ron Rolston told the D&C:

“We were putting pressure on them (on the previous power plays) and didn’t get a lot of great looks,” Amerks coach Ron Rolston said. “(On the goal) we got a breakout and on the entry we got the puck in middle. It was a great individual effort by Paul. Just what we needed to get us a win tonight.”

Marcus Foligno was called up on Saturday afternoon by the Sabres as an extra forward in Vancouver, he did not play.  The Sabres end their road trip on Monday in Winnipeg and will likely keep Foligno through then.

Matt MacKenzie was called up today to the Amerks from the Gwinnett Gladiators.  There’s no word yet if any defensemen were injured on Saturday in Toronto or if he’ll play as a forward with the team down forwards, something he did before he was injured.  We’ll find closer to game time.  Alex Biega was a healthy scratch on Saturday.

The team has to submit a clear day roster on Monday afternoon for playoff eligible players so stay tuned between now and then to see if any moves are made.  It could be through a trade.  It could be players being loaned back and forth.

Back to the game tonight… I’ll use what long time Amerks fan Ted from the forums had to write:

A big game. Our last Sunday home game of the year. Its in TWC26. A win over the Marlies would be sweet. We probably can’t catch THEM (would put us 5 behind) but the 2 points would throw us into the thick of the playoff race…even tho many of the teams above us have games in hand. Still at this stage all we can worry about is getting points ourselves and let the pieces fall.

Another effort like yesterday and we have a shot. Problem is, and has been, we rarely get that kind of effort back to back. Something always goes wrong. But its too late for that now. We need the win. Period.

A shout out and hearty thanks as always to Darcy, for skimming off the top of the Amerks, taking one of our best, just to sit in the press box while we struggle, giving us nothing in return. I am trying so hard to be able to say anything nice about the man…but not being a Sabres fan, I just can’t. He ‘says’ he will do what he can to strengthen us by the Monday deadline.

Sure Darcy. Like you really care about Rochester.

Looks like Terry P will probably view this awakening of the Sabres as Darcy’s genius, ensuring the Amerks of more seasons of Hell. But I hope he also sees that part of the equation promised at the beginning of the season has not been so equal yet.

First things first though. We need a 60 minute, solid, no holds barred effort tonite. Sabres have been riding MIller–I think we have to do the same with Leggio to have any chance. MacIntyre just can’t be trusted to win a big game like this.

3 thoughts on “Amerks Look for Back to Back Wins vs Marlies; MacKenzie Up from Gwinnett”
  1. I’m an Amerks fan too, but does Ted understand the concept of a minor league team? When guys get hurt in the NHL, the BEST players from the AHL get called up. Sometimes guys are called up to serve as extra skaters, as when an NHL team is on a long road trip. Maybe Derek Roy had diarrhea yesterday morning and they wanted to play it safe, maybe they just wanted an extra skater as a precaution in case someone got hit by a bus on the way to the rink. This is how it works with every GM in the National Hockey League.

  2. Yes, Ted very well understands the concept of a minor league team but as a fan of a minor league team it’s frustrating to see players taken away who will serve no purpose and then the minor league team suffers.

  3. Keith, that’s how the system is set up. I am a Bisons fan and not a Mets fan. The idea of getting angry at the Mets when they call up a good player is similarly preposterous. That’s what the Bisons are supposed to do: provide a place where younger players can grow so they can eventually contribute in the big leagues. I want the Bisons to be successful, but their success will always be secondary to the success of their major league affiliate and if you’re a fan of any minor league team anywhere, you have to be okay with that or you’re going to spend a lot of time grousing about the major affiliate, no matter who that affiliate is.

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