#FrozenFrontier – Everything You Need To Know

We’ve been waiting for this day since it was announced back in August. Tonight the Rochester Americans take on the Lake Erie Monsters in Rochester’s first outdoor professional hockey game! Here’s everything you need to know for tonight’s game.

  • Gates open at 5pm with parking lots opening at 4:30pm. Parking is available in the Kodak lots surrounding Frontier Field for $10. Tailgating is prohibited.
  • Bathroom facilities at Frontier Field are not winterized and are closed. Porta-Potties have been provided instead.
  • Concessions will be open. Here’s the full menu.
  • Pre-game entertainment is being provided by Labatt in the Blue Zone tent. There will be a band playing pre-game and during intermissions and there should be copiuous amounts of alcohol flowing. Just remember–Porta-Potties!
  • At the time of writing this post the game is officially sold-out. There are, however, limited quantities of standing room tickets available. Standing room tickets are $20.
  • Crowd Favorites Baylee Morrison (National Anthem) and Fred Costello (Organist) will be filling their ceremonial roles.
  • Game start is scheduled for 7pm.
  • EXPECT SNOW!!! Predictions are calling for anywhere between 1-3 inches and temperatures are going to hover around 15 degrees fahrenheit. Dress warm!
  • For those of you not braving the cold tonight the game will be broadcast on the Time Warner Sports Channel.

So what’s the rink look like? The Amerks have been posting pictures all week long, and it looks spectacular. The ice surface is ready. Snow is on the ground (and in the air)! It’s just about as wintery and “classic” as anyone could ask for. In fact it’s snowing as I write this post. #WintersComing

Now for the most important bit of information…


  • Dress warm. Very warm. Skiing in the north east during a blizzard warm. Why? You’re not going to be moving around much and temperatures will be squarely in the teens. Your going to feel much colder sitting watching the game than you would normally feel walking around in the same temperatures. That being said, the stadium should provide protection from the wind and the Labatt Blue Zone tent will likely be heated throughout the game.
  • If parts of your body start to feel abnormally warm, hit up the Labatt Blue Zone tent and check the abnormally warm part for signs of frost-bite.
  • Keep hydrated, but not so hydrated you need to use the Porta-Potties. Besides the normal Porta-Potty issues, we’ll have temperatures low enough to freeze urine quickly. We all know people, even sober, seem to have trouble hitting the portables sweet spot. The last thing we need is people slipping on frozen urine!
  • Beware of BARES! No, not those bears. Never approach a body-painted bare-chested person. It’s really really cold! They are bare chested! Treat them like you would any BEAR.

Have fun out there Rochester. Tonight is going to be a blast!!!

About The Author
Chris Schiffner is a New Yorker turned Rochestarian who loves the Amerks, is passionate about the success and development of Downtown Rochester, and celebrates all things local. He maintains a blog at Schiffner.com. You can find him on Twitter at @ChrisSchiffner.