Whenever I’m at an Amerks game or practice I always have my camera to be able to take pictures and record some video.   Here’s an embedded playlist of all of our videos currently online.  Simple scroll through the videos to watch them one at a time.  Many of the videos are of fights because they’re the easiest to record from my seat.  Someday I hope to offer more in terms of interviews and game highlights.

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Here’s a list of videos available (not updated for the 2009/2010 season yet):

Riley Emmerson vs Kevin Harvey 4/11/2009

Drew Larman vs Alexnadre Picard 04/11/2009

03/27/2009 Karl Stewart vs Ryan Wilson

3/13/09 Riley Emmerson vs Jay Rosehill

Mike Duco vs Kyle Rogers 02-22-2009

Riley Emmerson vs Francis Lessard

Riley Emmerson vs Sean McMorrow

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1/24/2009 Tanner Glass vs Nicolas Blanchard

1/14/2009 Neil Clark vs Geoff Waugh

1/14/09 Jordan Henry vs Zack Smith

1/14/2009 Riley Emmerson vs Jeremy Yablonski

Riley Emmerson vs Eric Neilson 12/10/2008

Amerks Rookie Chicken Dance

Amerks vs Marlies Scoring Highlights 11/26/2008

11/21/2008 Riley Emmerson vs Paul Crosty

Tanner Glass vs Darryl Bootland 11/10/2008

Riley Emmerson vs Guillaume Desbiens

Tanner Glass vs Dan SmithWell, Glass challenged Smith, but Smith had to decline because of an ailing thumb and Glass was a sport and acknowledged.

Mike Duco vs Ryan Garlock 10/25/2008 – Second period battle.

Jon Mirasty vs Riley Emmerson Round 2 10/25/08

Jon Mirasty vs Riley Emmerson Round 1 10/25/08 – This game was Riley Emmersons first in the AHL.  Mirasty was the obvious winner, but the kid didn’t back down to “Nasty” and held his own.

Neil Clark vs Jon Mirasty October 10, 2008

Ryan-James Hand and James DeLory Practice Fighting – 10/09/2008 During training camp these two took a moment at the end of practice to share some moves with each other.

04/11/2008 Amerks Crunch FightAt one of the last regular season games between the Rochester Americans and Syracuse Crunch nine out of ten players on the ice got into a fight. The Amerks were pushed around the entire season by the Crunch, it was sad that it took all season for something like this to happen.

Florida Panthers 2008 Rookie Camp Shootout

Luke Beaverson vs Greg ClassenIn his first professional hockey game Luke Beaverson of the Rochester Americans fights Greg Classen of the Manitoba Moose

Amerks vs Rampage Shootout 02/09/2008The Amerks won 3-2 in this shootout

Mike Funk Practicing – This video is probably PG-13 rated. Each time a player failed to score they had to remove another piece of equipment/article of clothing.  If woman and children had not been present who knows what would have happened.

Mark Mancari Sets Record for Hardest Shotset a new AHL record with a 102.8 mph slap shot

Amerks vs Marlies December 26, 2007

Skating Around Blue Cross Arena

Amerks vs Bulldogs November 3, 2007

Adam Dennis saves Corey Locke penalty shot

10/27/07 Syracuse Crunch vs Rochester Americans

Below are my first attempts at recording some video, don’t expect too much from them.

Rochester Americans Training Camp 09-28-2007

Rochester Americans Training Camp 09-26-2007

Amerks Training Camp 09/24/2007

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