Bad Start For The Amerks…6-1 Loss to the Crunch

 I thought the Amerks were starting off strong when Karl Stewart scored only 4:46 into the first period.

Tyler Plante got a short debut in goal tonight for the Rochester Americans tonight.  He played nearly all of the first period, but was pulled in favor of Beckford-Tseu after goals from Mayorov, Filatov and Sestito slipped past Plante.

This was in no way helped by the fact that the Amerks were on the penalty kill for eight minutes in the first period.  Beaverson and Duco spent 2 minutes each in the box for hooking and Sprukts went in for tripping which led to the Crunch’s powerplay goal at the end of the first period (even though the last second of the penalty before that had just ticked off the clock as the Crunch scored their third goal).

It is currently the first intermission and I am upset for two reasons.  First, because I paid $6 to AHL Live and am only LISTENING to the game.  I can not make the video work to save my life (if there even is video on here).  I could have just turned my radio on for free.  Secondly, I feel like I am being sucked in a blackhole back to last season listening to this game.

Let’s hope the second period can be a bit more productive on the Amerks’ end.

Something wonderful happened at the beginning of the second period…the video started working.  I like the new AHL Live more than the B2 Network.  I can choose to listen to the feed I want to.  So, I don’t have to listen to the horrible Crunch announcer.

Maybe I shouldn’t be watching.  Kelly just scored again for the Crunch who are now ahead of the Amerks 5-1.  Sestito now has a goal and two assists.  A good night for him…not so good for our boys in red, white and blue.

The second period hasn’t been quite as bad as the first.  With only one goal against and four minutes left in the period, it’s a huge improvement over the first.  Less penalty minutes is very helpful there.

Make that two goals in the second period.  At least a linesman go knocked down, that’s always funny.

Duco is in the box again. Cross-checking call at 19:27.  Thank god that period ended.

The third period was very uneventful except when 9:23 was left on the clock.  McArdle and Mirasty started having words from the bench.  They decided that wasn’t good enough and started throwing punches at each other over the thin glass that seperates the two teams.  McArdle, Mirasty, Mike Duco and Sestito were all given game misconducts for their actions.

Shortly after that Caruso was boarded by Mayorov after a play ended.

It is becoming pretty clear that the Amerks are going to HAVE to sign a goon to get through this season with the Crunch.  There is nothing the Crunch love more than acting like a trashy goon team.  Their fans love it and they love it.  It’s time for the Amerks to get on board and get someone to shut that meathead Mirasty up.  He needs a few teeth knocked out.

The Amerks have told our main man Kevin O of the D&C that they have a fighter in mind and want to get him signed a.s.a.p.  So, let’s hope that happens sooner rather than in a week to ten days.

After this game I still have complete faith in this team and solving the problems we seem to be having on the ice these first two games.  The Panthers have shown that they are willing to change the team and have said they will throughout the season if need be.  And Curt Styres is CLEARLY more than ready to spend money to get this team to where it needs to be.

Before we all jump into angry mob mode we need to remember that this team is just learning to be with each other and there are plenty of guys who are playing their first couple of professional games.

Benoit will work on the problems we are having with real coaching.  He is a man I can put my faith in to get the young guys where they need to be.

Garrison looked good again tonight.  He is going to be very solid for the Amerks.  A question I have though…WHERE is Peter Aston?  He should be on the ice where he belongs.  He better be injured or I don’t understand.  He is a solid defenseman!

I’ll end this on a happy note.  We may have lost our first two games, but…two games…120 minutes of hard fought hockey from the Amerks.