Amerks vs Lake Erie Monsters (LIVE Coverage)

Mike Brodeur

In the words of Major League’s Harry Doyle, “In case you haven’t noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven’t, the Amerks have managed to win a few games, and are threatening to climb out of the cellar.”  The weather outside is frightful…so, I brought the laptop to the game so everyone at home who may not be listening can still get updates on the game.

The Amerks just killed off a penalty brilliantly.  The Monsters never really had a chance to get anything going.  Keaton Ellerby was called for tripping.  He hit the puck and the guy “fell” over his stick…so…whatever.

15:00 left in the first.

Michal Repik, Shawn Matthias

The Sprukts, Matthias, Repik line looks nice.  They have already made some good things happen.

12:41 Left in the first period and Riley Emmerson takes on a guy who looks just like Jesus.  It really isn’t nice to hit Jesus a few days before his birthday.  But, in this case, I will allow it.  It was pretty much a draw…but, Emmerson got a few good hits in there.  So, I call the fight in favor of Riley Emmerson.

Amerks on the powerplay.  Repik got hooked.  Nothing came from that PP, but the puck movement was good and they kept it in pretty well.

6:30 left in the 1st period.  The Amerks are really hitting guys tonight.  Jason Garrison had a nice open ice hit, Jordan Henry is hitting anything in a maroon jersey, Mike Caruso and Keaton Ellerby are all over their men.  It’s great to see.  Everyone is hoping to not be the defenseman benched once Rory Fitzpatrick comes back against the Manitoba Moose on January 2nd in Manitoba.

Dr Dudley

Team Chiropractor, Dr Dudley was just called into action on the bench in place of equipment manager Peter.  He is doing a great job…his stick handling skills are being tested…and he is doing great.

4:01 let in the first: Peter Aston scores his first goal of the season.  A beautiful shot from the point hit the crossbar and sunk right into the net.  Assists to Keaton Ellerby and Kenndal McArdle. (EDIT: Scoring change…Goal scored by Michael Duco.  Assists Peter Aston and Keaton Ellerby).

End of the first period.  Amerks winning 1-0.

Second period starting.

16:00 left in the 2nd period.  A penalty shot is awarded the the Lake Erie Monsters.  Brodeur is in goal so, I wasn’t worried about it.  And I shouldn’t have been.  Nothing for them.

12:24 left in the 2nd: Peter Aston, two minutes for slashing.  David Brine and Mike Caruso had a really good kill.

9:58 Williams two minutes for hooking.  This is the second powerplay opportunity of the game.  Shawn Matthias just missed the top corner of the net sending it all the way down the ice.  Now the Amerks are having a hard time getting back into the play.  Shots are being fired…a few close calls.  Almost a few goals.  Just couldn’t finish the play.

I have to go down and clean up the starts on the ice…so, I won’t be able to finish updating this period.  When I get back, I will be on it again.

The Amerks had a five-on-three opportunity…Matthias had a beautiful shot but, it was robbed by Monsters’ goaltender Jason Bacashihua.  Matthias is really getting some good clean passes to his teammates today.  Much more crisp than before his stint in the NHL.

3rd period is underway.  Brodeur got plowed over by some Monster ogre.  No call made.  Helen Keller doesn’t make a very good ref out here on the ice.