Live from Times Union Center; Amerks vs Rats

It’s the last game before the All-Star break for the Rochester Americans as they battle the Albany River Rats here at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.  Updates will continue throughout the end of the game (just getting posted at the end of the 2nd period as we got the internet connection working)

Right when the puck dropped tonight Tanner Glass and Blanchard dropped the gloves to get in a nice long fight.  Decision to Blanchard he had some good zingers right in the beginning and everything else

Only 4 minutes into the game and the Amerks are already on their first penalty kill.  Neil Clark took an Albany playerinto the net and was called for roughing.  Mike Ryan scored his 23rd goal of the season making the score 1-0 already.  The Amerks aren’t looking bad…it was a great tip in by Ryan.

Second goal of the night will be credited to Chris Beckford-Tseu.  A routine shot on goal by Samson…Becks gets hit in the chest with it, it goes in the air, over his head and in slow motion crosses the line.  If he would have turned around for even a split second, he would have been able to stop it from moving .0374 MPH over the line.

Rory Fitzpatrick takes the second penalty of the game for tripping Mike Ryan.

Gloves drop for the second time in a night.  Neil Clark went for Brad Herauf.  The fight was over before it started when Herauf’s fight strap broke and the ref’s threw him out of the game.  That was followed by a ten minute discussion about whether or not someone’s strap breaking should get them kicked out of the game.  Clark and Herauf were given 2 minute roughing penalties and Herauf was given a game misconduct.

7:54pm Second Period

Rats get a PP at 1:09 of the second for of all things hooking.  Anyone want to take a guess as to who was the hooker?  Jordan Henry.  Imagine that!  If anyone has time and wants to do some research, would be interesting to see how many hooking penalties he has.

Michael Duco stole the puck right off the stick of a Rats’ defenseman and broke loose.  It’s too bad that same Rat had to speed to get back too.  Duco had no chance to pass across the ice and had to take a shot right on Rat’s goaltender Justin Peters.

Keaton Ellerby is staying on his feet tonight…a change in pace from the last two nights.

Peter Aston is playing a solid game so far.  When he is on the ice, I have faith that the puck isn’t going to get too close to Beckford-Tseu.  Aston has been working very hard all season on his skating.  it is certainly paying off.  He is getting faster and stronger.

Drew Larman was just left with the clank on a breakaway opportunity.  He has bad luck that follows him all over the ice as of late.

Half way through the 2nd and it appears as if the Amerks are finding their legs and getting some offense going!  They have taken the lead in the shots category.

Solid power play effort with good puck movement by Garrison, Fitzpatrick, and Matthias.. unfortunately they couldn’t find any openings to the net to get a decent shot off.

8:44pm and the third period is about to start with the Amerks on the power play.  Amerks have a 18-16 shot advantage.  Nice passing around the perimeter, but no attempts to get shots on net.

Repik to the box for slashing, that appeared to be a move made out of frustration.

Rats get their third goal of the game at 4:21 on the power play.  Bryan Rodney took a shot, Beckford-Tseu used his blocker to try and put the rebound into the corner but Dwight Helminen was there to hit it out of the air and into the net.

Almost half way through the third period and “the system” just doesn’t seem to have anything going right now.

In previous games that Beckford-Tseu has started it seemed as though the team played differently in front of him, that doesn’t seem to be the case tonight.  The first goal was an excellent tip.  The second goal was just, bad.  The third was a Rat being at the right place at the right time to tip it in.  The deciding factor has been Justin Peters and the Albany defense not allowing quality shots.

Seven minutes left in the game and the Amerks pull Beckford-Tseu for the extra attacker!  No luck, he’s back in the net.

And that folks is the game, still about five minuts left but we’re packing up.  Off to Worcester for the All-Star Classic.. will follow up on tonights game if we get anything else newsworthy.