Drew Larman the Film Maker

Drew Larman has added film maker to his resume along with being a professional hockey player.  Larman is finishing up his fourth season as a Rochester American, he was originally signed by the Florida Panthers on September 25, 2005.  Larman was originally born in Buffalo, NY before moving to Michigan at a young age.

The video at the end of the post is Larmans first attempt at being a film maker.

“I’ve always been interested in film making, ever since i was little all i wanted to do was play hockey and make films,” Larman said when I caught up with him after Wednesday nights game.  “Last summer i went to a one week workshop to this film school in New York City, something I’d wanted to do since high school.”

Larman titled the film ‘We Are One‘ and links to a number of keywords around the idea of 2012.  When asked what 2012 is he said, “It opens peoples eyes to those kinds of things so that they can do their own research to find out what 2012 is all about.”

If you’re too lazy, here’s a Google search for 2012.

“The whole concept is that we are one and all connected in m0re ways than our conscience minds can conceive,” Drew said explaining the title.  “The more people that understand that concept and philosophy the better society will be.”

Drew entered the film into seven film festivals, he has heard back from Boston letting him know he did not get in and he’s still waiting to hear back from six more.  Larman said that he has thoughts of doing more projects and plans to put something else together over the summer.

Along with putting together more films he’ll also be looking for a contract.  Larman is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, his status with the Florida Panthers organization is unknown.

Enjoy the video!