Top Six Amerks Stories That Needed a Followup

I’ve posted a number of stories about the Rochester Americans this summer and found six that needed a follow up prior to the new season starting.  If anyone ever comes across something I’ve posted or said in the past that needs correcting please share.

1. This summer the Amerks HAVE done everything they said they were going to do.  A lot of people have been skeptical about the team and changes that were announced at the end of last season and for good reason.  I believe that this organization wants to be open and honest which they have been.

2. The Moose is NOT going anywhere.  I’ve talked to a few people that there was talks at some point but it was probably just one of those things tossed around.  Bottom line – he’s safe as a mascot.

3. Andrew Peters is NOT signing with the Amerks.  There’s no room for him.  The Amerks have six veterans currently signed right now which is the limit in the AHL.  Could that change if one of the current players earns a full time spot in Florida and Peters still needs a job?  Of course, but not likely (although I have been wrong in the past).  As of right now Gage said they are done signing vets.

4. The Amerks did NOT bid on the 2011 All-Star game.  I had asked ownership earlier this summer and was told that they did.  The All-Star game requires a big corporate sponsor and chances are they were not able to find anyone locally.

5. Jody Gage IS still employed and Ted Nolan did NOT replace him or Benoit Groulx.  Nolan is the VP of Hockey Operations.  Gage is the Director of Player Personnel.  Groulx is the coach.  I come across people every week who for some reason think that Gage no longer works for the team.

5. Bad Press (Gage, Costello, Moose).  The team is aware of “perceptions” that happen from certain stories or the way things have been handled.  They are going to make sure it does NOT happen again.

Pass the news on, tell your family, tell your friends, and your neighbors!