Andrew Peters

Gameday: Amerks at Bulldogs; Mike Ryan Injury

The Amerks start a four game road trip (with stops back home in between) tonight in Hamilton to play the Bulldogs for the third time in three weeks.  The Bulldogs have won both games, the first game was 5-2 and second game was a 3-2 win in the shootout.  The Amerks need to find a …
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Tortorella, Nichol, Biron and Highlights from the Sharky Memorial Classic

The Craig Charron Memorial Classic on Sunday in Rochester was a great time for many reasons.  The two obvious reasons being the meaning behind the benefit and also the great hockey game in early August featuring so many great players.  At the start of the game John Tortorella and Scott Nichol gave two speeches which …
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Top Six Amerks Stories That Needed a Followup

I’ve posted a number of stories about the Rochester Americans this summer and found six that needed a follow up prior to the new season starting.  If anyone ever comes across something I’ve posted or said in the past that needs correcting please share. 1. This summer the Amerks HAVE done everything they said they …
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Florida Panthers Interested in Andrew Peters?

Apparently Andrew Peters and the Florida Panthers have talked of a potential two way deal for next season.  I hope that Curt Styres, Lewis Staats, and Jody Gage have all called Randy Sexton to tell him that this would be a terrible idea.  If it turns out that any of them thought this was a …
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