Amerks Training Camp Roster Here

2008 ESL Practice

Here’s a quick list of the players that will be with the Amerks during training camp.  Many of them were just cut by the Panthers on Wednesday so no idea if they’ll be here on Thursday.

The players still with the Panthers are Mike Duco, Jeff Taffe, Alexander Salak, Michal Repik, and Shawn Matthias.  Chances are Matthias and Repik will be sticking with the Panthers.

The List (typed up quick, will post more later):


Under Contract: Chris Taylor, David Brine, Brady Calla, Evgeny Dadonov, James DeLory, Jamie Johnson, Kenndal McArdle, Graham Mink, Victor Oreskovich, Andrew Sweetland, Mike York, and Dan Collins

Invites: Scott Bartlett, Jimmy Bonneau, Benjamin Breault, Trevor Gillies, Stephane Goulet, Tom Harrison, Lee Jubinville, Tyrel Lucas, Josh McQuade, Jordan Morrison, Nathan O’Nabigon, Les Reaney, Mathieu Roy and Mike Sgroi


Under Contract: Rory Fitzpatrick, Michael Caruso, Keaton Ellerby, Peter Aston, Luke Beaverson, Matt Duffy, Clay Wilson, Jordan Henry

Invites: Travis Gawryletz, Cleve Kinley, Jon Landry, Dwayne Zinger


Under Contract: Tyler Plante, Chris Beckford-Tseu

Invites: Daryl Borden and Ryan Mior

Under Contract: