Amerks Monday Morning Injury Update

The Amerks started out a strong team and have since turned into a team depleted by injuries and call ups. Straight to the point, Benoit Groulx said after the game Sunday evening that he does not expect anyone back in the next 10 days to two weeks. Still not a clear timeline but the fact he said that doesn’t paint a very good picture.

Here’s an update on who is hurt:

Alexander Salak (shoulder) – left the game on 12/20 with a shoulder injury. He is expected to visit a doctor today to find out what is wrong.

Luke Beaverson (shoulder) – he was injured on 11/6 and has missed the previous 19 games. Hurt by a nasty hit from Kevin Harvey.

Tyler Plante (knee) – he was injured on 10/21, played again on 11/28 but his knee acted up again. There has not been anything official said about what’s wrong with his knee. He has tried practicing several times but everytime he does his knee acts up again. He has missed 23 games.

Rory Fitzpatrick (hernia) – he last played on 11/12 and has missed a total of 17 games since. He has a missed a total of 23 out of 31 games played this season. He had surgery in November and has started skating again. Supposedly once his hernias are healed and scar tissue has cleared up he should be able to play and play well. I hope that’s the case, the defense needs some help.

Mike York (personal issues) – York last played on 12/2 before sitting out for being sick and then he was granted a personal leave from the team. Recently Groulx stated that York has practiced with the team but will need a couple weeks to practice more and get back into shape.

Ville Koistinen (knee – torn ACL) – he last played on 12/15 when he hurt his knee and has missed the three games since and will likely be out the remainder of the season. While I was harsh on my assessment of him he was a better option than ECHL players with little experience at higher levels.

David Brine (ribs) – Last played and injured during the game on 12/2. He has missed 8 games since and is really missed on the PK and for key faceoff battles.

Graham Mink (back muscle) – He felt a muscle in his back tighten up early in the game on 12/12 and had to leave the game. At first he said he didn’t think he would be out long but obviously it turned out to be worst than originally thought.

Kenndal McArdle (shoulder) – he is technically still recalled to the Florida Panthers but is in Rochester for treatment. McArdle injured his shoulder on 11/28 and was told he would be out for “a few weeks.” He was originally called up after the Amerks game on 10/25.