Actions of Panthers Will Speak for Themselves on Deadline Day

The NHL trade deadline is at 3pm and the entire Florida Panthers organization has sunk into another few years of “rebuilding.”  The Panthers have already traded Jordan Leopold and Dominic Moore for draft picks, one pick in 2010 and one in 2011.  Jason Garrison was called up to the Amerks to replace Leopold and Shawn Matthias called up to replace Moore.  I think both of those players have improved as the season has gone on, something that can’t be said for the rest of the prospects.

The Panthers can dump all of the players they want for draft picks but when the current talent pool of prospects is underachieving, miserable, and not improving it paints a horrible outlook on the entire organization.  This season was supposed to be different for the Panthers and the Amerks.  This season they were going to make the playoffs, the prospects were going to get better.  None of that has happened for the Panthers.  The Amerks have stayed near the top of their division because of the money spent by Amerks owner Curt Styres.  If it wasn’t for him the Panthers affiliate in the AHL would again be one of the worst.

Randy Sexton has already said the trade deadline is just one step in getting rid of players and dumping salaries.  The next two steps will be the draft and free agency over the summer.  He has said that deals done on Wednesday will not paint an entire picture of what the team plans to do but it will certainly give everyone an idea.

I could write a lengthy post but will instead wait until after the trade deadline and see what happens.

I’ll be heading to Amerks practice in the morning to see if there’s any news but am not expecting much.  I’m going to do my best in posting any news about trades and moves, but here’s some other links you’re probably already aware of that will be updated quicker than directly on this site: – Hockey O-Zone – On Frozen Pond

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3 thoughts on “Actions of Panthers Will Speak for Themselves on Deadline Day”
  1. I could not agree more about the current crop of prospect in Rochester. There is not much fight nor scoring in those the prospects.Bad drafting from JM and Groulx coaching is also suspect.

  2. the players in the pipeline are questionable as well so they have some work to do.

  3. I’m crossing my fingers that Vokoun goes to the Hawks. It makes the most sense, it will be a lot to give up, but you can’t win the cup without an incredible goalie. I don’t see one with the Hawks. You also will not beat the Washington Capitals without a goalie.

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