Playoff Practices Start for Amerks

Watching practice this morning feels more like training camp than the team getting ready for the playoffs with all of the new players still around. Half the team is on its way back from Florida and some of the others are doing off ice workouts.

The team practicing on a Monday morning though is the big sign that the playoffs start this week, I don’t think the team ever practiced on a Monday morning during the regular season.

Alexander Salak is getting the most help this morning with the arrival of Florida Panthers goalie coach Rob Tallas. Instead of just skating around and stretching on his own Salak is getting specific directions and tips on ways to make saves and play the puck better. Seems like a no brainer being coached, but it’s something that him and Plante have dealt with all season not having a goalie coach.

John de Gray is back on the ice participating in practice after being out the past almost two weeks.

If you know anyone who wants to know more about the Amerks do me a favor and tell them about this site. In a way it feels odd that Rochesters professional hockey team is getting ready for the playoffs and I’m the only one here (at least checking out the on ice product).

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  1. Keith, thats why i only read your aritcles. The rest of the staff writers from other medias are a joke. Those ppl. shall remain nameless, kind of like their bodies of work. Keep up the great reads, and i will always tell ppl. about ur site.

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