Panthers Sign Adam Comrie, Jenks to be Signed

A couple of new faces will likely arrive in Rochester in a few days as the Panthers start signing drafted players to entry level contracts now that their junior seasons are finishing up.  The first player being Adam Comrie who just signed a three year entry level contract with the Florida Panthers.  The defenseman had 14 goals and 26 assists for the Guelph Storm in the Ontario Hockey League in the regular season.  In five playoff games the defenseman had one goal and two assists.

A.J. Jenks, a winger from the the Plymouth Whalers is also expected to sign his entry level contract in the coming days.  In 52 games for the Whalers in the regular season Jenks tallied 23 goals and 40 assists.  He played in nine playoff games and scored four goals and had eight assists.

Comrie was a third round pick and Jenks a fourth round pick in 2008.  Comrie’s contract still needs to be approved by the NHL but that should go through with no problems.  The same for Jenks once he officially signs.

Randy Sexton told Steve Gorten of the Sun-Sentinel that both are likely headed to Rochester for the playoffs but neither was on the clear day roster.  Maybe someone can clarify for me, are they exempt because they were not signed at the time?  It seems as if the clear day roster is just there so that NHL teams can’t stockpile an AHL roster for the playoffs and the lineups can basically be changed at any time.

Not too familiar with either player at this time but looking forward to seeing what they can do at this level.

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  1. Pretty sure since they’re coming in from juniors that the clear day rules don’t apply. I believe, as stated in the article, it’s to avoid a situation of an AHL team being stocked/stacked with “ringers”.

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