Example of Horrible Officiating by Koharski

Jamie Koharski is one the worst ref’s in hockey and proved it again on Thursday night during the Amerks and Heat playoff game.  There was a total of 19 power plays.  That’s right, 19.  Has anyone ever seen so many penalties in a playoff game?  Now, a lot of them were valid penalties like the high stick video below but you’ll also notice in the video that Mike Duco takes a high stick to the face but somehow it’s not seen.

The Amerks lost the game for a lot of different reasons, penalties was one of the reasons but that’s something they can control going forward.  I doubt that the Amerks players chirping Koharski early helped to get him on their side, how come Benoit Groulx or Jason Cipolla never had a word with the guy?  Jim Playfair gave Koharski a mouthful recently, I imagine they just think there’s no point.

How did he miss the high stick on Mike Duco in this video?  It’s not as if it happened on the other side of the ice, they were practically next to each other.  We’ll never know.  The officiating in this league seems to get worst, not better (or maybe it’s just Koharski).


Here’s hoping for a better game on Saturday!!

2 thoughts on “Example of Horrible Officiating by Koharski”
  1. that horrific penalty calling left me completely speechless, and almost violent yesterday. I prayed all nite that the Amerks would take a dump in pass and put it straight off his dome! The guy next to me was so mad they almost escorted him from the arena. Koharski was supposed to be be under review from the league for terrible officiating, i wonder why he’s not anymore. I wouldnt let that moron call my kids street hockey game! Over, game 2 Sat our boys had better show some more effort or we’ll be watching our last game Sat.

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