No Quick Changes Expected for the Amerks

Dale Tallon was officially introduced on Tuesday as the new GM of the Florida Panthers, but for Amerks fans don’t expect any “big news” quickly.  Tallon left Florida today to head to Germany to attend the World Championships.  As demanding as we are in Rochester for news, the Amerks are not going to be his top priority over the NHL club that has not made the playoffs in 10 years.  I could be wrong though if he’s looking from the dark depths of the system all the way up to the top.

I’ll be talking to Tallon once he returns from Germany to get his thoughts that status of things here in Rochester and his thoughts about development in the American Hockey League.

For more info on the press conference and about Tallon check out Steve Gorten’s blog, tons of great info there.  Everything from Sexton, draft picks, status of players and how this had been in the works for a few weeks now.

Randy Sexton’s recent comments make a little more sense now, he had said that the organization would take a few weeks to evaluate everything.  He knew the team was looking for a new GM and that it was going to be up to someone else to make decisions on any changes.

I think it’s safe to say that a contract for Jacob Markstrom is secure on Tallon’s laptop just waiting to be printed out and signed once the tournament is over.  Tallon will have some work ahead of him to decide what to do with the goaltenders currently in the Panthers system.  Markstrom has said that he planned to play in the AHL but that could change depending on the fate of Tomas Vokoun.