A Few Things from a Groulx Interview in Ottawa

There’s an eight minute interview with Benoit Groulx on Team 1200 Radio in Ottawa where he talks a little bit about what made him leave and go back to his former job.  It’s almost time to move on from this story, but this gives us a little more insight.  Groulx is obviously very focused on his new job as Coach and GM and would rather talk about that but he shares a few things.

You can listen to the interview here, I couldn’t find a way to embed it.  You do not need to be signed in to Facebook to listen.

A few of the points:

* Jacques Martin hired him and was “very good” and Randy Sexton supported him “very well.”

* He mentions the continued changes in management in Florida and even changes in Rochester and he said he felt his place wasn’t in Rochester anymore.  The only change in Rochester management was Ted Nolan.  hmmm.. should we read into that?

* One of the big things that made him want to leave as well was to be closer to his family, especially his 10 year old son.

* He said that there’s a price to pay if you want to be player or coach and at this time in his career he said that price was too high and then briefly said “not having the same philosophy in Rochester.”

* He said he felt that he’s a better coach now than he was before he left the Gatineau Olympiques.

I think the primary reasons he left are simple.  He had a great opportunity back in a place he’s familiar with and closer to his family and the fact that he was not wanted in Rochester.

Benoit Groulx did not work out as coach of the Rochester Americans for a number of reasons, but I wish him luck in his hockey career and hope he continues to find success.