News from Florida in the Near Future and Home Opener

It’s still early June but hockey fans in Rochester are craving any news about next season and it looks like we’ll have to continue to wait a little longer.  Everywhere I go people are asking me if there’s any new info about the coaching search, the role of players,  what the Panthers think can be improved upon and so on.  When Tallon was the GM of the Blackhawks, their AHL affiliate in Norfolk and Rockford were successful, would love to hear what the recipe for success was.

I’m sure Tallon will make some great decisions for Rochester and wants to win here, but it sure would be nice to hear something.  I was told, like the Amerks management, that he had a busy few weeks and would be available this week.  As I inquired this week, the Panthers spokesperson said Tallon’s very busy and will be in Rochester in the “near future” and will have media availability.

There’s no doubt that the Panthers take top priority as he gets settled into his new job as General Manager, but if every media outlet in Florida can get some time with him to talk hockey it’s unfortunate the same can’t happen for us in Rochester.  It’ll all work out in time, but I guess we’re just pretty demanding in terms of trying to get some news.

Promotion Featuring the #10

The Amerks will also open their season at home on October 10th against the Hershey Bears.  The date for the game will be 10/10/10, should be a great way to have a “10” theme of some sort for some giveaways.  Everyone wins something if there’s 10 goals scored.  Something for a combined 10 assists.  Introduce the new players with top 10 lists.  Start some early advertising with local celebrities giving 10 reasons to go to the game.  In August count down 10 weeks until the game.  Seems like a no brainer, go with it!