River Rats Mascot was Down and Out but Found a Home

The on ice hockey season is officially over and now we patiently wait for the NHL draft and free agency to start.  The only information out there right now is rumor and speculation, so why not go for something a little different and talk about a mascot.

The Albany River Rats recently packed up and moved to Charlotte, leaving their mascot Rowdy the Rat unemployed.  Below is a series of four videos that were released that chronicled his days of saying goodbye, being down and out and eventually a happy ending.  The videos were not all released at the same time which at first left anyone who found them curious about what would happen.

A great job by the Tri-City ValleyCats for this cute story (for a lack of better words).  I’ll admit that I had never heard of the ValleyCats but if I’m ever out that way I’d probably find a way to visit for a game.  Minor league teams don’t have the massive marketing and promotion budgets that the big leagues do so you have to give credit to the creative forces behind things like this.

Rowdy Says Goodbye

“Rowdy says his finals goodbyes to the Times Union Center as he tries to find a job. What’s next?!”


“Rowdy has hit rock bottom and is left searching for hope.”


“Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo”


“The Tri-City ValleyCats are proud to announce the adoption of Rowdy The Rat into their mascot family. Rowdy has made his home in Albany since 1993, a tradition that will now continue.”



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  1. I like the 1 of the river rats on the side of the road i thought that was priddy good of all teams i got a good laugh at that. They got a crazy mascot but that pic was even better. Kinda dissapointed that they changed there NHL team and changed there hole teams name but ohhhhhh well i can’t do anything about it. Hope they have a good season next year see all u hockey fans soon made sometime in rochester

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