Survey: Sabres Logo vs No Logo on the Amerks Jerseys

Short and simple, follow the link below and take this quick survey and we’ll pass along the results to Ted Black of the Buffalo Sabres.  It has two simple questions, “A Buffalo Sabre logo is being considered for the Rochester Amerk’s jersey. Please tell us to what degree you agree or disagree with a Sabre’s logo being on the Amerk’s jerseys” and asking if you’re a season ticket holder, plan to be or if you’re not. What weight does the second question have?  That’s up to the people making the decision.

A disclaimer of sorts…. This in no way guarantee’s that the results will or will not influence a decision but we’re taking it upon ourselves to give fans a way to voice their opinions and we’ll pass it on. No one from the Amerks or Sabres asked us to do this.

Please pass this link around to anyone you know who has an opinion:

We plan to close the survey on Friday July 8th at some point in the day at which point we’ll also post the results.  You can only complete the survey once and no, we are not keeping IP addresses on file in any way.