The American Dream The Drive for Five 1987 Calder Cup Video

There really aren’t enough words that could describe this video from WHEC highlighting the Rochester Americans 1986/1987 Calder Cup Championship season, you need to just watch it.  Working on getting more classics like this online to share.  There’s so many classic Amerks videos out there that have never been seen by most of us “newer” fans.

Don Lever, John van Boxmeer, Jody Gage, Gates Orlando, Benoit Hogue, Daren Puppa, Ray Sheppard, Darcy Wakaluk and so many more names that will bring back memories. You can see the full roster here on

Great quote in the video, “It is not necesarily the team with the best talent that wins championships. Desire often dictates the difference between success and failure. The 1986 1987 Amerks drive to a 5th Calder Cup was built around the kind of character and leadership that comes from desire.”

Great bit of info that led to winning the division championship:

In the 1986–87 season the John VanBoxmeer-coached team won the division championship on the last game of the season against the Binghamton Whalers. The Amerks were one point behind the Whalers and playing in Binghamton. After goalie Darcy Walkaluk paced the team to a tie in regulation and overtime, the game proceeded to the new “shoot-out” format used that season. As the shoot-out began, VanBoxmeer made one of the most memorable coaching moves in Amerks history and pulled Wakaluk from the game, inserting usual starting goalie Darren Puppa who had sat out the game due to injury. Puppa stopped every shot and low-scoring defenseman Jack Brownschidle scored the winning goal. While the teams both finished with identical records (47-26-7), Rochester won the division based on having a better record in head-to-head competition.

Hard to imagine a coach doing that these days!

Classic material here, sit back and enjoy.

Cool to see that once the clock hits zero you can see fans jumping over the glass and out onto the ice to join the celebrations.  Coming up next, video about the Amerks 1983 Calder Cup win.