Stadium Journey Review of the War Memoral

The web site Stadium Journey recently visited Blue Cross Arena at The War Memorial and wrote a review about their visit which I would say is pretty accurate.  The web site has a team of people who visit stadiums and arena’s around the country and offer impressions and reviews of their visit to that building.

The review touches on everything from food to the building setup to the music (even though there’s no traditional organ music).

They also give a great nod to the fans:

After 55 years of hockey, the rich tradition of players who have skated on War Memorial ice has led to a lengthy following. I engaged fans throughout the night, randomly selecting those with either ornate jerseys or those sitting around me.

It is clear they know their players well, who is up, who is down, who is touted as a top prospect and who is on the downside of their career. You can tell they appreciate being aligned with the Buffalo Sabres-owned team again. There is more structure and tradition with this partnership.

The fans have their own cheers and are quick to express disgust and delight. On this night, when the team’s play remained sluggish in the middle frame, fans voiced their displeasure to the extent the home team came out in the third and challenged the visiting Syracuse Crunch.

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