The Amerks 12 Days of Christmas 2008 to 2011

The Amerks have continued the tradition in 2011 of having the players sing their own version of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Starting with 2008 and then this seasons is down at the bottom.  Derek Whitmore and Jacob Lagace offer the best moments in this years.  It’s a shame they couldn’t squeeze in a “Legend of Joe Finley” somewhere.  Grab a hold of things that gain even a slight amount of popularity and run with it!  They’re all worth watching and are classics that will follow these guys through their careers.

Starting with 2008 and then 2011 at the bottom..

2008 featuring Drew Larman, Keaton Ellerby, Jordan Henry, Dan Collins, Franklin MacDonald, Tanner Glass, Michael Caruso, Riley Emmerson, Jason Garrison, David Shantz, Andrew Sweetland, Michal Repik

2009 featuring Tyler Plante, Mike Duco, Andrew Sweetland, Jimmy Bonneau, Shawn Matthias, David Brine, Brady Calla, Luke Beaverson, Evgeny Dadanov, Michal Repik, Jason Garison, Alexander Salak

2010 featuring Jacob Markstrom, Adam Comrie, AJ Jenks, Evgeny Dadanov, Brady Calla, Scott Timmins, Colby Robak, PJ Fenton, Eric Selleck, Paul Baier, Michael Caruso, Tyler Plant.  I’m missing two faces here, who are they?

2010 Bloopers

2011 Version: