Scouting Report – 4/8/2017 – Alexandre Goulet

I want to start this report off by giving a tremendous amount of credit to Alex Kile and Justin Danforth. To join a team this late in the season and enjoy immediate success like they have is quite the achievement. Unfortunately, Alexandre Goulet was not able to replicate the performances of his fellow ATO’s. Even though he played along side Grant and Fasching, he wasn’t able to generate anything positive all night. I am going to rate his performance an N. Whether that stands for Nerves or Not good enough, time have to tell. For a player who scored 89 points in 68 games with the Victoriaville Tigers this year I certainly hope it’s the latter.

Offensively, Goulet was a train wreck. He was consistently out of position on the breakout, at times even colliding with other forwards drawing teammates offsides. His struggles continued when he found himself on the puck. Goulet was dispossessed with ease trying to take on defenders creating even more turnovers. When Alexandre was actually able to gain the zone, he was pushed out wide and into the boards before he could get the puck deep. Even though #26 was often out of position, the presence of Grant and Fasching allowed him to get the puck in dangerous positions twice. On the first occasion, he was wide open on the wing with a man advantage. After settling a pass (with plenty of time and space) he heeled a pass back to the point causing an easy clear. On the second, he was gifted a 2 on 0 after an amazing forchecking play from Fasching. With the goalie deep in his net, Goulet had plenty of space to pick out a shot on the near or far post. Instead he rifled a bullet pass right into the skates of Grant, handcuffing him and wasting the opportunity. It would have been a fine choice if the pass were placed better or weighted properly.

Defensively, Goulet did not stand out very much. Grant and Fasching led the forecheck exceptionally, and Utica barely had any chances at full strength in the 5-0 shutout. Even though he played on the first line, ice time was limited for him due to an excessive amount of minor penalties enforced. A total of 14 minors (6 on the Amerks) were called during the contest. This led to a lack of intensity for long stretches of the night. Just about the only thing he did right was avoid the whistle of one of the four linesmen who seemed to be competing for the 3 stars of the game.

Goulet only has two games left to earn a roster spot for next year. The task may prove to be very difficult considering how well Kile and Danforth have played. I also would not be surprised if Kyle Bonis is brought back after his successful stint in Rochester. At the very least, Goulet needs to show that he is capable of playing at this level to get a chance next year; whether that is with the Amerks or not.

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