New Site Name, Same Content

Welcome to the same site but now with a new name! For a variety of reasons it was time to rename the site so that the word ‘Amerks’ was no longer in the name and this is it – say hello to LGA585. Still the same site ownership, content, ideas, thoughts, etc etc.. the only difference is that the site is now called LGA585 (or just simply LGA) instead of LetsGoAmerks. The logo says LGA which is what you’ll notice and this is what we’ll be using going forward. There’s the obvious adding 585 to the domain name and social media accounts as an obvious reference to the local area code. In 2020 there was no way to create a three letter domain name.

All previous links should still redirect as this is a mirror image of the old name.

Account names on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have been renamed to reflect the name change. If you’ve followed or liked already you don’t have to do anything different. I still have the old names to catch any new replies or update anyone visiting.

New Twitter name ——-

New Facebook name —-

New Instagram ———–

I’ve always made it clear as best that I could that this is an independent web site not affiliated with the organization in any way and that will continue. The word ‘Amerks’ belongs to the Rochester Americans and over time the site having the name in it still led to some confusion at times for those who could be first time or casual followers.

Did the organization make me change the name? No.

Did the organization ask me to change the name? No.

Has the organization ever made me do anything? No.

The new name may also provide new opportunities without taking away the purpose this site always served. Having a team name/nickname in the site name created some limitations. There’s no immediate plans, just some vague ideas (maybe cover or at least reference more about Rochester sports?).

Questions, concerns, feedback, anything else hit up one of the accounts above or email keith at LGA585 dot com. Thanks for visiting!