Hershey Bears Win Calder Cup

Congratulations to the Hershey Bears who won a record 10th Calder Cup Championship on Friday night defeating the Manitoba Moose in six games.  It was an exciting night watching both the Stanley Cup and Calder Cup won on the same night.  We had the Penguins/Red Wings game on the TV and the Bears/Moose game on the computer tuned in to AHL Live.

The Bears took control of the game early with three goals in the first period.  The Moose played desperate for the remaining 40 minutes scoring one goal but never getting close after that.

The highlights of the game should be available on the AHL Live web site.

For a lot more about the game checkout The AHL, Manitoba Moose, and the Hershey Bears web sites.

Both teams were very deserving of playing for the Calder Cup.  Both teams played excellent hockey during the regular season on the ice.  The fans of Hershey and Winnipeg also supported the teams all season.

On a personal note both teams are class acts and a model of what every team should be all season.  The fans were very supportive in both cities.  The teams were competitive all season.

Now that the hockey seasons are officially over for the AHL and NHL we now look towards July 1st when free agency starts.  The Amerks and Panthers have said they will be active, the count down has started.