Florida Panthers Interested in Andrew Peters?

Apparently Andrew Peters and the Florida Panthers have talked of a potential two way deal for next season.  I hope that Curt Styres, Lewis Staats, and Jody Gage have all called Randy Sexton to tell him that this would be a terrible idea.  If it turns out that any of them thought this was a great idea it will hurt their image amongst the fans.  We’ve been promised that the Panthers would be active during free agency in building up a winning team in Rochester, let’s hope that this is not the start.

Based on the fact that it would be a two way deal I could not imagine that the Panthers would actually want him playing for them in the NHL.

I’m not one to jump on rumors and write about them, but this one deserved a post in hopes that it does not happen.  It seems as if I’m not alone either based on the reaction by some dedicated fans on Rochester Sports Fan where this story originated from.

Andrew Peters played in an Amerks uniform for three seasons from 2000 – 2003, played in 173 games, and spent 729 minutes in the penalty box.  During that same time frame he scored seven goals and tallied five assists.

The only reason I can think of that this would even be thought of is for there to be another well known face playing for the Amerks, similar to Rory Fitzpatrick being signed last summer.  The Rochester Americans franchise has a tremendous history, a move like this would not go along with last years catch phrase of “A New Day for a Rochester Tradition.”  It’s more like “Yet another day for the leftovers of the Buffalo Sabres.”

If Peters was an exciting player to watch fight I would be slightly interested, but he’s not.  If he can’t get a good shot in he’s not going to keep the fight going.

The news we would prefer to hear over this would be that a contract was being offered to Jon Mirasty of the rival Syracuse Crunch.  Mirasty is a great fighter and knows how to put on a show.  He’s the player that you love to hate.  There have been talks of Mirasty becoming an Amerk, that’s something I’d much prefer to write about than Andrew Peters.

If you feel any different about Peters please let me know!